OB Networking Group

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The OB Networking Group is now meeting online with Zoom, and the latest login information is available by clicking or tapping here

No office, no boss. Join an online meeting for $0 per meeting and get to know your neighbors at Ocean Beach or online from other parts of the USA. Hanging out on the beach with strangers always leads to new friends. Why not make it official? You’ll be connected to a few people in the OB Zoom group who are hosting the meeting (via Zoom), as well as anyone else from the internet that happens to join them. You can attend as many meetings as you like, and if you decide you’d like to speak at a future meeting, that could also be arranged. 

The more people you meet thru the OB Networking Group and can help, the more help you can receive from referrals and other information to help your business grow and get your name out there as well.  This group has been promoted on Google, with Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, Instagram, CBS News, and by word of mouth. We used to meet at Te Mana Cafe in Ocean Beach, but because of the pandemic the last 15 meetings have all been held online and you can see many of the recordings of these meetings on Youtube.


If you would like to speak at a future meeting of the OB Networking Group or if you have any questions, you can text Chuck Hardwick or call him at Dancing Panda Marketing which is also located in Ocean Beach.

What would you have to lose by attending a meeting over Zoom? It’s very laid back and if you arrive late or hate to leave early to take care of some business or grab a bit to eat, we totally understand and look forward to seeing you soon!

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