Meeting Notes From The Ocean Beach Networking group 3.18.2014


1) Attendees:  We had a dozen, including yours truly, Chuck of



2) Program:  Gale gave a KILLER presentation on InstaGram, and I know I personally benefited and it seemed almost everybody did as well.


3) In attendance was an a database programmer, an independent musician, an eco-friendly vendor, several web guys, a beer sales rep, a couple of personal trainers,  a web mapping person, an artist, a couple of social media strategists,  the owner of a new Italian restauant, and the super friendly staff at Temana including Chelsea, Margurite, and Jason.


4) The group has had three successful meetings with a dozen or more in attendance, and to keep great momentum, is going to need guest speakers, so contact me if interested at chuckhardwick@gmail.com .  There is no fee and you can plug what you do in a 15 to 20 minute presentation.


See you at the next event where will be discussing Google Hangouts, Tuesday 3/25 at 12 pm at Te Mana Cafe!


Peace to all, chuck

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