Meeting Notes from Tuesday 6/24/2014


28 people attended including several marketing people, a writer for the Reader, several wellness coaches, a person looking for an apartment, several real estate professionals, a personal trainer, an NLP coach, a hypnotist, a pastor, a technical recruiter, a project manager, a business consultant, a translator that speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, an artitst, a person that helps rig sail boats, an member of the OB Town Council, and a member of a credit union, and several web marketing people including yours truly!


Mary Tolena did a spectular job explaining her business at http://www.easierteamwork.com/ and lead an awesome drum circle.


It was fantastic seeing so many new faces and breaking an attendance record to boot!  Hope to see some of you this Saturday at the Chili Cook off and more of you next Tuesday.


Thanks for your support and please help spread the word!


Peace to all


Chuck Hardwick



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