Ready for Business Success?

Ready for Business Success? Avoid These 3 Bad Practices

Like all entrepreneurs, you want to see your business excel in a competitive market. While starting your company is the first step, you’ll need to take steps to ensure profitability, especially in those first few years. Learn how to avoid these bad entrepreneurial habits.

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Disregard Marketing Psychology

What do you understand about consumer behavior? Consumer behavior refers to how a person uses or buys goods or services. If you understand your customers’ behaviors, it’ll be easier to determine how to market to your demographic. For example, most people own a cell phone. You can predict that many of your consumers will search for your company via mobile device. Therefore, optimizing your website for mobile users should be a critical part of your marketing strategy.

For help with marketing and networking, consider joining your local chamber of commerce. A chamber of commerce allows you to network with other business owners, which can improve your business’s prospects.

Slack on Payroll Organization

Payroll can be one of the more stressful aspects of your small business. Understanding how to create an organized payroll system is a must for all companies. Before you create your payroll system, you need to know how you plan to pay your employees, how you want to classify your workers, and how often you will pay them.

Payroll includes:

  • Calculating employee earnings
  • Factoring state and federal taxes
  • Recording employee wages

Without an organized system, you may fall behind on payroll. Employees may miss a paycheck, or you may forget to pay appropriate taxes. Having an automated system takes some of the manual work out of payroll. 

For small businesses with only a few employees, you can use a calendar template as a strategy for staying ahead of payroll processing. You can personalize your forms and then easily fill them with the applicable information. Templates may include employee information sheets, vacation sheets, pay stubs, payroll charts of accounts, time tracking, schedules, and more.

Ignore Team Incentives

Employee or team morale is the overall attitude, outlook, and confidence your workers feel while on the job. Worker interaction among colleagues is significant because positive interaction indicates higher morale. When interaction is negative, workers are more likely to feel as though they aren’t taken seriously and may not feel valued or important to the business’s success.

When employees are happy, they are more productive and creative and become better leaders. To increase employee satisfaction, help your employees avoid the physical and mental exhaustion caused by work stress, known as burnout. Develop processes to check in with stressed and fatigued workers.

If you want to boost your employees’ morale and motivation, consider incentive plans. Offer cash or nonmonetary incentives such as tickets to sporting events and gift cards. Incentives work best when offered in exchange for work-related performances.

If you want to survive as a small business, learn from the mistakes that other entrepreneurs have made. Instead, focus on learning good principles that help you understand how to market your products and services, streamline your daily operations, and keep your workers happy. Employing small business best practices can help your business thrive.

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